Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience for my website would be parents of young children, this is because young children do not have the skill to use the internet but the parents do. The zoo would be mainly for children but children need their parents to go this is why parents are my websites main target audience. Also children cannot donate money because they do not earn money where as the parents can but the design of our ‘adopt an animal’ scheme is to benefit both audiences because it makes the child believe they have a new pet and the parents know the money is going to a cause their child loves.

How did you attract your audience?

The way my website attracts its audience is by using visually stimulating pictures and multiple colours which ties in with the theme of zoos and animals, some colours contrast with the themes main colours, this is to draw attention to itself for instance the word ‘welcome’ on my website is in red the stands out against the white and green writing drawing the target audiences attention to it, it also is in a bigger font which means it is more in your face than the rest of the writing in turn drawing the audience’s attention to it.

looking back at your preliminary task, what do you think you have learnt from it to your full product?

My approach to the creation of this website compared to my first is different in the way because my school website is very formal due to it being a school addressing the parents of teenagers compared to addressing the parents of young children and young children themselves coming to the zoo, this is why the design side of things are very different for instance the zoo website was designed with a sort of playful, friendly theme, that’s why it uses theme colours to animals on pages and serif typography because serif is informal

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